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What is E-mail ?

What are Aliases ?

What is Auto-Forwarding ?

What are Auto-Responders ?

What is Email ?

E-mail is the most widely used feature of the Internet. More people have access to Internet E-mail than any other Internet function so you should consider how you can best use the various mail functions to facilitate the level of communication between you and Internet users visiting your web site.

You are assigned varying numbers of E-mail services such as mailboxes, autoresponders and aliases depending upon your plan level. Each mailbox will store mail and can be accessed via a mail program running on your computer.

Each POP3 mailbox is password protected to ensure security for your mail and you can alter your password at any time through the on-line password update facility.

What are Aliases ?

A mailbox alias allows e-mail to be sent to several different addresses or have it delivered into a central mailbox for collection.

For example John Citizen may have the e-mail addresses of,,,

Another example is setting up a mailbox for your Administration department which is addressed as, and the mail is delivered to a specified location.

What is Auto-Forwarding ?

One of the main advantages of registering a domain name is that your e-mail is independent of your local ISP (Internet Service Provider) eg: Without your own domain name your e-mail name uses the ISP's domain such as This make it difficult to change ISPs as you will need to get a new e-mail account.

The AutoForwarder feature lets your forward all the e-mail which arrives in your mailbox onto a local service provider and so you simply collect all your e-mail from the one location.

If you change Service providers in the future you simply change the Auto Forwarder to your new ISP.

What are Auto-Responders ?

An Auto Responder will detect all incoming e-mail and will generate an automatic e-mail response to the sender.

Many companies set up responders to offer information about their products and services, so that people can send an e-mail message to a particular address and then receive back useful information.

Another good example of the use of Auto Responders is for individuals. If you go on holidays, you can set an auto-response to all incoming e-mail notifying the sender that you are away, and will return in the next few days.


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